Day: January 7, 2017

Bob Dylan sculptures

Well, turns out I’m not the only one who’s obsessed with tinkering projects out of scrap metal. I just read an article about Bob Dylan, he’s making sculptures now out of just about anything. The man has a huge workshop, and you would, if you had that kind of money.


He uses just about everything, from wheels to spoons to tools and farm equipment, sawing it all up with a plasma cutter and then welding and grinding it into huge pieces. I mean some of them literally take up the whole workshop, and then he has to use winches to stand the things up!


Apparently, he’s been showing off pieces in London at a huge exhibition and they might be shown in NYC next year, which would definitely be on my list of things to check out. Most of them are massive gates or flat panels, which is sort of the opposite of what most sculpture artists do. It’s pretty sweet to be able to go through the gates, no? Looks like some sort of fantasy flick or something.


Personally, I think it’s always cool when musicians get into more physical art. John Mellencamp turns out to be an awesome painter by the way, and Bobby D paints as well.


You should check this out, it’s a big gate he made for Bill Clinton’s house:


I obviously don’t have the money or the space to keep a whole warehouse of scrap, but oh if I did… Maybe it would be me at the Nobel prize next year.